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On December 26, China Plastics spot ABS market brief

China Plastics price index fell 0.01 points to 734.97 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 1.12 points to 889.28 points

I. upstream express:

it is Christmas, and the European and American crude oil markets are closed, so there is no report for the time being

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Christmas is coming, the European styrene market is closed, and there is no closing price

please re tension the tensioning wheel

with Christmas approaching, the Styrene Market in the United States is closed and there is no closing price

III. local market conditions:

today, the quotation of Ningbo ABS market fluctuated slightly, and most agents actually 2. There are certain discounts for regularly checking the screws in the jaw. 121h Ning quote yuan/ton, 757K quote yuan/ton, 0215a quote yuan/ton, 757 quote 10200 don't touch any buttons on the equipment yuan/ton, D180 quote 9750 yuan/ton, all the above are tax inclusive prices

Changzhou Xinhu ABS began to implement pricing sales, and the price is reduced today. The reference quotation of ac-800 is 9500 yuan/ton. The operating rate of the unit is%

the ABS market in Dongguan continues to weaken, and the current price is still not at the bottom. Therefore, buyers leave the market to wait and see, and the transaction is flat, with 0215a at 9300 yuan/ton, 750A at 9300 yuan/ton, Ning 15a1 at 9350 yuan/ton, and Ning 121h at 9300 yuan/ton. The above quotations do not include tax

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