The hottest sponsoreddata extends to new consumers

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Sponsored data is extended to new consumers, automobiles, wearables and IOT

opera software, datami, AsiaInfo, Millicom and Facebook's enable digital on ramp in emerging markets

strategy analytics wireless operator strategy (WOS) service report is a high-end Sophisticated experimental equipment Measuring the success of sponsored data points out that sponsored Da's solution: TA provides mobile data for new users and new terminal types in emerging markets, which provides an effective business model. Under the business model of sponsored data, third-party companies like consumer brands, can pay mobile operators to access free content for consumers or employees, or can provide data rewards like loyalty.

Key findings of the report:

through advertising, free access to commercial applications, games and app stores, free access to banking applications, and support for enterprise byod, education and health care. Now the use cases of sponsored data have achieved strong growth in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Nigeria

recently, opera software won the best mobile product, initiative or service Global Mobile Award in emerging markets for its pages and sponsorship category in MWC 2015, and successfully supported the sponsored data activities of the top ten mobile operators in emerging markets

with the market growth supported by the key platform business CICA, China has become a particularly strong market for sponsored data. Chinatelecom, China Unicom and China Mobile all support sponsored data. Sponsors such as Alibaba and Baidu focus on the continuous growth of traffic and users of their stores and applications

leading operators' evaluation or release data include at t, Airtel, Millicom, Telenor, telkomsel, Tim Brasil and Vodafone; Facebook is seeking to expand its partnership with operators to create a free data portal to mobile Internet in emerging markets

susan Welsh de grimaldo, director of strategy for wireless operators at strategy analytics, said: wearable, connected cars and IOT - these terminal categories will clearly benefit from new thinking on how to provide data connectivity. Sponsors can be terminal manufacturers or other brands, and free data use can even be embedded in specific terminal APS. People don't have to worry about setting up wireless accounts for each new terminal, such as insurance companies, businesses, brands and sports drinks. These are new ways to reach their target customers

Phil Kendall, executive director of strategy for wireless operators at strategy analytics, commented that operators began to gradually prove the value of sponsored data use cases for their specific markets and discover brands with their interests. As operators and the most effective sponsors test and establish strategies for their sponsored data. For operators, because mobility is equally important for consumers and enterprises, Therefore, a broader mobile upgrade system is needed "At present, Shandong new material park has developed into 23 new business models and broader ecosystems to support more agile, flexible and scalable Ott business.

about strategy analytics

strategy analytics is a global market research and consulting organization, which provides insights on market dynamics and industry trends, as well as strategic business solutions for enterprises in the trend of information, communication and entertainment technology integration Programme. Strategy analytics is headquartered in Boston, USA, and has branches and analysts in Britain, France, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and India. The company mainly focuses on the market opportunities and challenges in several major fields, such as automotive electronics, Automotive Telematics (T8, driving precision screw pair for experimental elematics), broadband network, digital home entertainment, digital new media, wireless communication, core component technology and virtual world

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