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Pneumatic energy saving: the only way to "tire greening"

"green tire" is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the tire industry in recent years. Whether it is the world's largest China Rubber annual conference held in March or the just concluded 2012 tire annual conference, they are committed to exploring the industrialization development path of "green tire". In addition, the national work plan on the industrialization of "green tires" is also being formulated. The plan will refer to the EU tire labeling law and reach regulations, and combine with the requirements of the national energy-saving torsion testing machine for high-precision analysis of consumption, and put forward a green tire industrialization specification that is in line with international standards and national conditions. According to the specification, the China tire Association will also vigorously promote the "greening" process of the tire industry

according to Mr. Cao Chaoyang, the new chairman of the tire Association, "green tire" should have three standards for the above items: first, raw materials should be green, harmless to people and the environment, and in line with international standards; Second, the production process should be green to achieve low energy consumption, low dust and low smoke production; The third is the greening of finished products, which can meet the requirements of oil saving, safety, low noise and renovation. Thus, "tire greening" runs through the whole industrial chain of tire production

In recent years, with the application of various new technologies, China's tire industry has made remarkable progress in new processes and new equipment, and has ranked first in the world in terms of output; In terms of energy-saving technology, pneumatic energy-saving technology is also second to none. According to aishe technology, in view of the typical problems existing in the current use of compressed air in the domestic tire industry, such as "high output pressure of air compressors, serious leakage of gas transmission pipelines, improper allocation of gas use time, coordinated operation of different parts, and weak awareness of energy conservation among staff", the good entrepreneurial environment in the United States has also promoted the birth of many small graphene enterprises, Aishe technology can help enterprises achieve an energy-saving rate of about 30% with its original pneumatic energy-saving technology, which is well documented. Taking the transformation of a factory of Shengtai group as an example, the energy conservation achieved by aishe technology is mainly reflected in three aspects: the first is energy-saving benefits, with an energy-saving rate of 33%, reducing power consumption by 2.1 million kWh and electricity charges by 1.47 million yuan per year, equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 1980 tons; The second is the management benefit, which realizes the informatization of the compressed air system. The gas flow measurement management module can monitor the flow, pressure, dew point and other data of the compressed air system in real time, which improves the fine management level of the enterprise; The third is the safety benefit, which monitors the operation of the compressed air system in real time and alarms for abnormal conditions; The two-level structure of upper and lower computers and fault-tolerant control system effectively ensure the stability of air supply pressure in the air compressor station

it can be seen that there is a lot of room for energy conservation in the compressed air system of the tire industry. The road of "green tire" will be a pleasant journey of cost saving and multiple benefits

it is reported that the mandatory tire label will take effect from November 2012, which will make consumers clear about the tire quality at a glance. At the same time, in terms of export, green tires with energy-saving and environmental protection technology are also the green key to open the EU market. Tire greening is imperative. Aise technology believes that China's tire industry will easily achieve the "12th Five Year Plan" on the basis of independent innovation and with the world's most advanced energy-saving technology, and will stand out in the new international competition with the double standards of "low cost" and "high environmental protection"

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