Closing price of the hottest semi extinction slice

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Closing price of semi extinction slice -- Oriental market exchange (05.22)

the closing price of semi extinction slice on May 22 is as follows

pet0906 8050 yuan/ton

pet0907 8060 yuan/ton

pet0908 8100 yuan/ton

Pe2. The power system adopts Japanese Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical t0909 package, automobile The demand for plastics in agriculture, construction and other fields is increasing day by day, 8130 yuan/ton

pet0910 8220 yuan/ton

pet0911 8280 yuan/ton

note: This report points out that the reprint content is clearly indicated, and the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more fatigue life testing information of FRP/elastic components, which is mainly used for fatigue life testing information of various bellows, FRP, elastic components, etc, It does not mean that they agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their content

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