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PMP materials have great potential for internal packaging of sterile powder

sterile powder raw materials that cannot be finally sterilized speed up the localization process of key materials, key technologies and complete sets of equipment. Antibiotic glass bottles or special aluminum barrels, rubber bottle plugs and other components are usually used as internal packaging materials. However, this traditional packaging method has high cost, large consumption and environmental pollution. Some operators pointed out that PMP material is a good substitute

pmp material is a sterile inert material produced under specific process conditions. Researchers first carried out a small package test on PMP material as the inner packaging material of the drug. It has successively carried out routine placement quality certification and accelerated test stability inspection quality certification, and the quality is qualified. The use of this material can also greatly reduce water consumption, power consumption and sewage discharge, save human resources, make the product quality, and significantly improve the gap between the oil needle and the valve 1, which will soon find the fault. The comprehensive packaging cost of the product is reduced by about 3 yuan/kg compared with the packaging cost of natural rubber bottle stopper, and about 7.8 yuan/kg compared with the use of butyl rubber stopper. However, the specific drug varieties should use what kind of PMP material as the inner packaging material, but also through specific tests to determine

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