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Honeywell and prog signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on November 7, 2020, Honeywell officially signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Hubei Prolog Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PROG) at the third China International Import Expo

Li Yue, general manager of Greater China intelligent warehousing division of Honeywell safety and productivity solutions group, and Zhang Lei, vice president of Hubei Prolog Technology Co., Ltd., signed the agreement on behalf of both parties

with the shopping festivals such as the "double 11" in full swing, consumption in the post epidemic era has exploded. The diversification of consumption demand and the diversified development of sales mode have put forward new requirements for the modern supply chain system. How to improve man-machine efficiency and cargo turnover? How to assist warehouse management through intelligent decision-making? Both are challenges faced by upstream and downstream enterprises in the logistics supply chain

as a science and technology supply chain and logistics service provider, prog provides customers with one-stop customized logistics and supply chain services from planning and setting up, first considering the maximum experimental pull range of testing materials, to operation and landing, from supply chain analysis, logistics center planning and design, automation equipment integration, to logistics reasons: benefit improvement, analysis and tracking, logistics operation, etc

Honeywell is a Fortune Global 500 high-tech enterprise. Its high-tech solutions cover aviation, building and industrial control technology, characteristic materials, and IOT. For the above reasons, Honeywell has long promoted growth through innovation in China, and implemented the strategy of East serving the East and East serving the world. We are committed to jointly building an interconnected, smarter, safer and more sustainable world

prog and Honeywell will work together to integrate Honeywell's new generation of intelligent stacker system, sorting system and many representative innovative automated storage equipment. The signing of this strategic cooperation memorandum organically combines Honeywell's intelligent storage equipment with prog's integrated warehousing and distribution solution, integrates advanced logistics technology with China's national conditions, and helps customers create excellent intelligent logistics system solutions suitable for the local market, so as to cope with the rapid changes in the supply chain system in the new retail era and greatly improve management efficiency and customer satisfaction

Chai Xiaozhou, President of Greater China of Honeywell safety and productivity solutions group, said that innovative cooperation can deepen Honeywell's clear understanding of the complex needs of the Chinese market, thereby bringing more customized local services to customers. We believe that through the integrated cooperation between Honeywell and prog, we will further stimulate the great development potential of the intelligent logistics equipment industry

During the same period of the ceremony, the two sides visited the China International Import Expo exhibition area. The China International Import Expo is a major measure taken by the Chinese government to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization, and take the initiative to turn off the main motor source and open the market to the world. It plays an important role in promoting economic and trade exchanges and cooperation among countries around the world, promoting global trade and world economic growth, and promoting the development of an open world economy

this cooperation will bring remarkable changes to the smart logistics construction capacity of both sides, help both sides better serve global customers, and open a new chapter for bilateral cooperation

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