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Zhun'er translation machine 2.0 major upgrade, AI translation machine helps promote the orderly and systematic development of outbound tourism in the industry during the Spring Festival

original title: zhun'er translation machine 2.0 major upgrade, AI translation machine helps outbound tourism during the Spring Festival. On December 7, zhun'er translation machine 2.0 announced a major upgrade

original title: zhun'er translation machine 2.0 major upgrade, AI translation machine helps outbound tourism during the Spring Festival

on December 7, zhun'er translation machine 2.0 announced a major upgrade, It not only increased the number of translation languages to 53 and accents to 73, continued to maintain the leading position in the industry, further optimized the existing application functions, significantly improved the response speed of translation, and innovatively added the payment function of the product

not long ago, zhun'er translation machine 2.0 also became a "national ceremony" along the belt and road. For people who have already booked air tickets and accommodation and plan to travel abroad on New Year's day and Spring Festival, the upgraded zhun'er translator 2.0 has become a better choice for "outbound travel artifact"

translation machine

the Belt and Road national ceremony, language upgrading is committed to the the Belt and Road

with the implementation of the national the Belt and Road initiative, China's overseas tourists have greatly driven the development of tourism in countries along the belt and road

data show that economically underdeveloped places such as Serbia and Turkey have become "dark horse" destinations for the growth of Chinese tourists in the first half of 2018, of which the number of tourists who signed up for travel to Serbia through Ctrip increased by 350% compared with the same period last year. As for donkey mothers, the number of tourists to Africa from January to August 2018 doubled year-on-year

zhun'er translator 2.0 this language upgrade adds 8 languages: Amharic, Azerbaijani, Persian, Georgian, Kazakh (China), Serbian, Tamil, Urdu

and added 8 accents: Chinese (Taiwan, China), English (Philippines), English (Kenya), Cantonese (Hong Kong, China), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (United States), Arabic (Qatar), Arabic (United Arab Emirates)

from the perspective of the new languages and accents, these languages are permeated with the initiative line of the "the Belt and Road". For example, Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia, Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and Tamil is the language of southern India and Eastern and northern Sri Lanka

and accent can help users better "do as the Romans do", for example, Cantonese can be translated into Mandarin. However, the new accents are obviously more inclined to the "the Belt and Road" route in terms of quantity

not long ago, zhun'er translation machine 2.0 became a "national gift" in the cultural exchange activities with the theme of the the Belt and Road, and was given to the former Hungarian prime minister mejess Peter, who won the "China Hungary people's friendship Contribution Award"

former Hungarian prime minister mejess Peter (right) accepts the national ceremony zhun'er translator

obviously, zhun'er translator 2.0 not only supports Chinese-foreign translation, but also supports foreign-Chinese translation. After the language is upgraded, it will be able to link more countries along the the Belt and Road, close the exchanges and cooperation of many countries, and make it more convenient for people to travel to these countries

it has repeatedly become the first in the industry, and the function of "smart travel assistant" has been upgraded.

This upgrade, zhun'er translator 2.0 has also optimized the functions of scenic spot navigation, Google map, photo translation, fixed several application bugs such as voice translation, weather, offline management, and added the function of deleting voice translation history records and historical records one by one and in batch. In addition, the global Alipay payment function and paypal payment function (International Version only) have been added

this means that zhun'er translator 2.0 is not only better to use, but also the new payment function makes the "smart travel assistant" more versatile

in fact, zhun'er translation machine, which focuses on user experience, has repeatedly been "innovative" in the industry along the way

in 2016, it launched the first AI translator in China, and in 2017, it launched the world's first AI translator with screen. In July 2018, it also launched the world's first integrated language translation, the world's first, 5 Control situation: the AI translation machine "zhun'er Pro" with constant real experimental force control/constant displacement control for scenic spot navigation, and released "zhun'er fly" at the Wuzhen World Internet Conference · internet light Expo in November. Now, it has applied for more than 40 national patents in total and won many domestic and foreign awards such as the "2018 Innovation Award" of chinadaily

zhun'er translation machine

zhun'er pro, fly and other 2.0 products are "smart travel assistants" that can truly enable users to "travel around the world with one machine in hand". They can be used for voice and text translation, global and scenic spot navigation, as well as information query and service acquisition during travel. They are known as "outbound travel artifact" by friends

zhun'er translator 2.0 supports Chinese-foreign translation and foreign-Chinese translation. It not only supports the number of languages, accents, photo translation languages, offline translation languages, etc., which are ahead of its peers, but also has many functions such as foreign-Chinese translation, global scenic spot navigation, AI identification photography, night photography, vertical Japanese identification photography and translation, which are the first in the industry


when using household appliances, it is often inseparable from the power environment. After the secondary upgrade, the industry first advantage of zhun'er translator 2.0 in the number of hres in language and accent continues to be strengthened

for users who want to travel abroad during the Spring Festival, the "Guoli" zhun'er translation machine 2.0, which has been upgraded in language and optimized in function, can be enjoyed under the condition that the rental and sale prices remain unchanged. It is also the Spring Festival benefits provided by zhun'er to users in advance

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