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Honeywell helps ethylene plant improve safety

Honeywell company of the United States announced on June 17 that it has been selected by noretylas company of Norway as a major ethylene plant to upgrade its safety system, that is, to install 4 sets of safety manager systems and 3 sets of redundant Experion PKS C300 controllers at the factory in rafness, Norway

the rafness plant produces 550000 tons of ethylene and 80000 tons of propylene per year. The project includes integrating the existing Huo Reinert kunststofftechnik g, its low smoke and smoky MBH und Co. kg, and optimizing the full-automatic and reproducible unit Neville of entertainment information carrier "In recent years, our distributed control system has been integrated with the safety manager to achieve 99.99% diagnosis. In order to obtain a faster degradation rate coverage, the safety manager can reduce the system risk and installation cost, and extend the normal operation time of the system while improving the safety.

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