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Hitachi implements PDM to control enterprise product R & d

1. Preface

global competition makes the situation of enterprises more and more difficult. The market has higher and higher requirements for product personalization, and users are more and more picky about the time to market, product quality, price and product service. In recent years, the advanced technology and management means of CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE/ERP adopted by enterprises in the link of product development have significantly improved the efficiency of new product development, but this has not made a qualitative leap in the production efficiency of enterprises. High cost software systems are mostly used as isolated solutions, and advanced management concepts (such as concurrent engineering, agile production, JIT, etc.) cannot be effectively implemented, and the competitiveness of enterprises cannot be truly reflected

as a core component supplier and leader in the domestic air conditioning industry, Shanghai Hitachi Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Hitachi) actively explores overseas markets, participates in international competition, and strives to be a global supplier in order to pursue greater development space, and actively respond to the needs of global competition Respond to customers' personalized needs and minimize the comprehensive cost of products. PDM system completely controls the product research and development of Shanghai Hitachi, making it a strategic weapon for Shanghai Hitachi to surpass the market, so as to help Shanghai Hitachi achieve the strategic goal of global suppliers

2. Application background of PDM in Hitachi Shanghai

2.1 the development prospect of air conditioning compressor industry is broad

2.1.1 the focus of global manufacturing industry is shifting to China, and the prospects of air conditioning industry are broad

with the gradual shift of the focus of world manufacturing industry to the Asia Pacific region, with the advantages of resources and human costs and the opportunities brought by WTO, China is likely to become the center of world manufacturing industry in the near future. The household appliance industry will face a broader world market, and China will become a major exporter of household appliances. As the main product of white household appliances, air conditioners are growing rapidly at a rate of 20% every year. Moreover, the level of air conditioning manufacturing technology has been improved, the relevant supporting production foundation of air conditioning has become increasingly mature, the cost of air conditioning units has been reduced, and the competitiveness has been enhanced. China has become a major production, consumption and export base of air conditioners in the world

2.1.2 the air conditioning compressor industry is developing rapidly

the heart of the air conditioner is the compressor, which is very important to the performance and quality of the air conditioner. As the core component supplier of the air conditioning industry, it has rapidly developed air conditioning compressor products in response to the opportunity of the development of the air conditioning industry. In particular, Shanghai Hitachi, although it has become a leader in the domestic industry and a rising force in the global industry and enjoys a high reputation, in order to seek greater development, Shanghai Hitachi is actively exploring overseas markets, establishing a global market network, actively participating in international competition from many aspects, such as product innovation, concept renewal, talent training, institutional setup, condition creation, etc., building a second strategic platform and striving to be a global supplier

2.2 challenges faced by global supplier manufacturing enterprises

2.2.1 challenges of global competition

at present, in the industrial field, the globalization of manufacturing has become an important development trend. International operation has not only become an important factor for the success of large multinational companies, but also the only way for the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Global competition has become increasingly fierce, and many enterprises at home and abroad, even well-known enterprises, have lost one after another in this ruthless competition, some have closed down, and some have been merged

2.2.2 the challenge of product demand diversification

the personalized needs of enterprise customers are increasing, which requires global supply manufacturing enterprises to be able to quickly provide a wide range of diversified products

2.2.3 the challenge of price competition

attracting consumers through price competition is the most direct, convenient and effective means to occupy the market. Every enterprise is under great pressure to reduce product prices all the time

2.3 PDM system helps enterprises cope with challenges

pdm system can help Shanghai Hitachi cope with challenges and achieve the strategic goals of global suppliers. The enterprise level collaborative design and optimization platform established by PDM system can quickly respond to the needs of global competition of Shanghai Hitachi, quickly respond to the personalized needs of customers, minimize the comprehensive cost of products, and accelerate the speed of product promotion

2.3.1 PDM system can solve the pressure caused by data inflation faced by enterprises

after 9 years of struggle, Shanghai Hitachi has experienced the process of developing the market, expanding market share, and maintaining stable market share. At each stage, each product will produce a large amount of relevant data. The design and manufacturing data of different products at different stages and the process management of producing these data constitute the most important content of enterprise technical work. Making full use of these data and making the workflow more smooth is the goal that Shanghai Hitachi hopes to achieve; In an era of increasingly common computer applications, more and more frequent personnel mobility, and more and more fierce competition among enterprises, avoiding the loss and failure of these data is also an unavoidable problem for Shanghai Hitachi. PDM is one of the most effective means to solve these problems

2.3.2 PDM provides an environment to solve the above problems

in the vast amount of data, extract useful parts, remove duplicate and invalid contents, and make the useful parts become a kind of knowledge and become the intellectual assets of the enterprise; Let these intellectual assets be unimpeded in the enterprise, so that all relevant personnel can get them when they need them, no matter where they are in the world; Let unauthorized people not get what the enterprise does not want them to get. PDM just provides such an environment. Such an environment is the best guarantee for enterprises to remain invincible and succeed in the face of market competition and the new century

3. The way of PDM implementation

in the enterprise, we should establish and do cleaning explanation: the bursting resistance tester has a small bursting level of paperboard, and the ordinary bursting resistance tester has a large proportion of breakpoints set inside the system when it leaves the factory. A practical PDM management system can not be achieved by simply purchasing some hardware and software products and connecting them with each other. PDM software only provides a platform framework and tools, which should be combined with the actual needs of enterprises to determine various management objects and their attributes and relationships; Determine the organizational structure and corresponding authority and responsibility of personnel; Clarify the workflow and approval procedures; Determine the format of BOM and various classification summary reports required by the enterprise; Customize the PDM management structure and management mode of the enterprise. It is necessary to spend great efforts to standardize, collate, check a large number of electronic data, drawings and documents that the enterprise already has, and then correctly input them into the PDM system. The managers and technicians at all levels of the enterprise should be trained in PDM management ideas, management methods and operation methods, so that they can skillfully use this system for daily work, maintain and manage the normal, safe and stable operation of this system, and realize the comprehensive and whole process management of product data. The above work content is what enterprises need to do to establish a practical PDM management system, which we call implementation

like other enterprise management software systems (ERP), implementation plays a very important role in PDM engineering projects. The implementation process of PDM is to organically combine the advanced software platform framework of the software supplier with the data documents of the enterprise and the staff of the enterprise, and establish a truly practical technical information management system for the enterprise according to the advanced management ideas and methods to meet the needs of the enterprise

due to the arduousness and complexity of the implementation process of PDM system, it involves a wide range of people, and the implementation process is relatively long. It is also necessary to change or adjust the original management mode and management system of the enterprise. This requires enterprises to attach great importance to the establishment of a strong implementation team; Formulate a detailed implementation plan; Under the direct attention and leadership of the top management of the enterprise, mobilize all resources of the enterprise to gradually and steadily achieve various work goals

in the process of implementation, it is necessary to understand and implement the advanced management ideas and concepts of PDM, and analyze the characteristics of the product structure and production mode of the enterprise; It is necessary to clarify the wishes and needs of the enterprise (current and possible expectations in the future), what can be achieved at present, what cannot be achieved at present, and what is not feasible; To persuade the enterprise management to adjust the backward management mode and system regulations, it is far from enough to rely on the enterprise's own technology and management personnel to correctly configure and use the PDM system. Software suppliers must send capable implementation personnel to provide strong technical services and mobilize all available resources of suppliers to support the implementation work, so as to make advanced PDM products become a practical, advanced and scientific technical information management system in enterprises. In fact, what enterprises buy is such a technical support service

PDM is an enterprise level technology information management system. Once it is established and put into use, it cannot stand still, but must adapt to the changing needs of enterprises and the progress of science and technology, and continue to develop and improve. The demand of enterprises is the driving force for the continuous development of PDM software. This will also promote the continuous improvement and upgrading of software. In this way, enterprises and software suppliers will form a long-term cooperative and mutually supportive partnership, so as to achieve win-win results

3.1 implement step by step and step by step

in Shanghai Hitachi, the senior leaders of the company, especially the general manager, have deeply realized that PDM is a process of rebirth and a revolution for the enterprise. The decision-makers of the company have come up with revolutionary determination to promote this revolutionary decision with revolutionary courage. But can action itself be a revolution? Can enterprises implement PDM overnight to benefit everyone? Absolutely not. Shanghai Hitachi adopts a step-by-step strategy in PDM implementation, avoiding the possible confusion caused by PDM implementation to enterprises

3.1.1 clarify the strategic objectives of the enterprise, and the PDM system is subject to and serves the strategic objectives of the enterprise.

in 2000, Shanghai Hitachi put forward the business objectives of "four most" (that is, the largest scale, the first technology, the most complete models, and the latest means) to achieve the strategic objectives of "global suppliers". In order to achieve the grand goal, the company carefully analyzed the situation of competitors in the market, combined with the prediction of future market development, and concluded that if Shanghai Hitachi wants to continue to maintain its leading position in the compressor industry, it must improve our product development system and improve the overall efficiency, which is precisely for this reason, There will be "SolidEdge year" (in 2001, our company spent a whole year on the electronization of SolidEdge for all drawings, which is called SolidEdge year) and "PDM year" (in 2002, the company comprehensively promoted the electronic approval process and application of PDM, which is called PDM year). It can be said that PDM fully serves the overall strategy of the enterprise. The success of PDM projects is reflected in whether the overall strategic objectives of the enterprise are achieved on schedule

3.1.2 PDM projects should have clear and measurable indicators

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