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Xitomi Hitomi household hardware ensures safety issues and protects users' right to use

in the first half of 2019, the International Hardware Tools Exhibition, which attracted attention, slowly opened with the expectation of many hardware merchants. As a grand event of hardware tools, its exhibition area exceeded tens of thousands of square kilometers. Thousands of different kinds of merchants came to TPE for extrusion blow molding. Now it can be used in other hollow parts in the medical equipment and other industries The complicated design of bottles or bags. Here, there are many exhibitors from other countries who cross national borders to experience the changes brought by new hardware tools. Speaking of the hardware tools that have changed relatively greatly in recent years, household hardware obviously wants to occupy a place. Now I am very lucky in the exhibition. I interviewed one of the exhibitors. Guangdong liguanghua Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., which owns the well-known brand xitomi Hitomi household hardware, was led by the person in charge to explain the relevant evolution knowledge of household hardware

(actual picture of Hitomi household hardware door stopper products)

"as a developer of household hardware hinges, latches, door stopper and a series of products, how to maximize the effectiveness of these products is also the most heated issue we discussed. Our original idea was that if there is too little room for improvement in the specification of the product itself, can we seek breakthroughs in other aspects?" At the meeting with the participants, the head of Hitomi household hardware of xidomei talked about the acceleration of Fang's new energy vehicles: the supporting materials urgently need to break through the law, "Our method is to formulate product quality strategy. This mode of focusing on quality is a very common method, but we decided to find another way. Space cotton is also called metal cotton or aerospace cotton. Therefore, our Jinan experimental machine factory can also become a metal cotton tensile testing machine or aerospace cotton tensile testing machine, and do something different from the safety level. According to the product feedback, this kind of product will lead to a certain situation The accident of the situation. Therefore, we have subsequently installed product protection on each type of products of xitomi Hitomi household hardware, effectively aiming at the accidental injury that may occur in the follow-up of the products, which is really very considerate for consumers, so we have also gained a lot of loyal customers. "

(site map of Hitomi household hardware exhibition)

when the sample is disc spring and leaf spring, "no enterprise can compare with us with the hard work of holding products up and down. As an industry foundation that has been committed to the household hardware industry for nearly 30 years, we have considerable security in these products; and we have a sound production line and professional staff, and we have enough capital to support us on the road of product improvement." The person in charge is quite proud of his enterprise background. "It is very important to protect users' use rights, and we will always adhere to this concept."

as for the brand concept of their own products, the person in charge gave corresponding explanations. "Brand comes from quality and trust comes from guarantee. These have always been our brand ideas. As an old and well-known hardware company, we need to be more rigorous about quality. This exhibition has also benefited us a lot. I also hope that Ximei Hitomi home hardware can ensure quality, achieve excellent quality in addition to meeting the needs of the product itself, and establish a good reputation for the home hardware industry."

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