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Hitachi supplies motors and frequency converters to Chevrolet Volt.

Hitachi automotive systems recently announced that it is supplying motors and frequency converters to Chevrolet Volt, a general motors extended range electric vehicle

Hitachi automotive system supplies a total of two motors to volanda, one for supplying power to the vehicle and the other for battery charging. Huaibei City set up Anhui ceramic aluminum New Material Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Through the use of reliable insulation technology, the single column tension machine technology of our company with small volume and small tension of rectangular conductor samples and other relevant high technologies, Hitachi prepared 2G absolute dry slurry sample system according to the rules. The second generation of three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor has high power output and energy efficiency, which greatly improves the extended range performance of wolanda

in addition, the second generation inverter supplied by Hitachi to volanda is about 40% smaller than the first generation inverter. In addition to controlling the motor, the frequency converter can also control the auxiliary pump. The frequency converter is also equipped with a water-cooling layer to absorb the heat of the whole machine, thereby further improving the output power

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