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Alibaba cloud will build a data center in Europe to negotiate with Deutsche Telekom. Alibaba cloud has become the next trump card brought by Jack Ma in the whirlwind of Jack Ma at CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Alibaba's exhibition area for cloud computing was crowded with representatives of various multinational enterprises. Yu Sicheng, vice president of Alibaba cloud's international business, said that the market enthusiasm exceeded expectations, which will promote Alibaba cloud to accelerate the pace of internationalization

according to foreign media reports, Alibaba cloud will build a data center in Europe. Germany is one of the objects under consideration, and the relevant cooperation with Deutsche Telekom is under negotiation. Not long ago, Alibaba cloud just opened the data center in Silicon Valley

Jack Ma talked with Rovio founder Peter at the conference

Yu Sicheng, vice president of Alibaba cloud international business, said in an interview that the internationalization of the entire public cloud computing market is a very natural process. It is difficult to imagine that as a public cloud computing service provider, it can only provide value to customers in one country or region

block this promotion content. In fact, Alibaba cloud has already begun to find partners in the ecosystem in the European market. Three days ago, Rovio, a well-known European game company, reached a cooperation with Alibaba cloud to jointly build a hatch platform for game developers. Alibaba cloud provides data for cloud computing and big data processing capabilities (powered by aliyun), and Rovio provides specific function construction and development. Jack Ma also communicated with Rovio co-founder Peter at CeBIT exhibition in Hannover

Alibaba cloud is also a strategic partner of Royal Philips of the Netherlands. In October last year, the two sides signed a framework agreement on it infrastructure services to jointly promote the application of cloud computing and big data technology in the field of IOT, so as to connect more traditional devices to the cloud. This is the first time that Philips has deployed the global Internet product development platform on the public cloud computing platform outside Europe and the United States, where the domestic modified plastic industry has developed rapidly

at CeBIT, Ma Yun's cloud Innovation story in China is full of attraction for Europe, which is good at traditional business

truck Gang, an app used by hundreds of thousands of truck drivers, helps these truck drivers find business. In the past, truck drivers loaded goods in one place, drove to the destination of hundreds of kilometers, unloaded them, and then went to the nearby freight market to find goods, which was a huge waste of transport capacity and energy. At present, at least 650000 truck drivers in China are using the truck help app, and the drivers have determined what goods they will carry on the return trip before departure. Therefore, in 2014, the truck Gang saved more than 10billion yuan in empty driving oil costs for trucks

Ma Yun believes that if an Internet company wants to live long, it must find a way to combine the Internet economy with the real economy. This way is data. In the future world, we will no longer be driven by oil, but by data

cloud computing and big data are the pros and cons of the coin. At this CeBIT exhibition with the theme of digital economy, the European market has revealed their desire for this coin

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